Miniature in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Miniature

petite in size compared to a larger representation of the item

Examples of Miniature in a sentence

A miniature model of the castle was created with modeling clay and made it easy to see what the whole castle looked like. 🔊

Miniature Eiffel Tower toys were sold on the shelves of the gift store, but they were difficult to see the details that one could see on the actual landmark. 🔊

Even though the miniature horses could not be ridden due to their small height and weight, they were just as strong enough to pull a cart like the regular horses. 🔊

Tiny sprigs from plants and blades of grass were used in the miniature garden to depict a scene of shrubs but it could sit on a tray on the dining room table. 🔊

Our miniature rat terrier looked about half the length and weighed about one-third of the mass of a full-grown regular-sized terrier. 🔊

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