Uxorious in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Uxorious

describes a man who shows great (often extreme) submission or fondness towards his wife

Examples of Uxorious in a sentence

The uxorious husband catered to his wife’s every whim, cooking her dinner at night and running her bath water in the morning. 🔊

Doting and uxorious, my husband shows his fondness of me through gifts and acts of service.  🔊

The other husbands at the poker game couldn’t believe how submissive the uxorious husband was to his wife. 🔊

My aunt has her uxorious husband wrapped around her finger as he answers to her every beck and call no matter the time of day.  🔊

Delivering his wife breakfast in bed every morning, the uxorious husband enjoyed catering to his bride.  🔊

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