Miscible in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Miscible

capable of two fluid substances being completely mixed together

Examples of Miscible in a sentence

Since the contents in the glass became cloudy, it was apparent to the girl that the miscible solution in her glass had more than one liquid in it. 🔊

After the student realized that sugar is completely soluble in water, she decided to see if water and liquid gold are miscible. 🔊

Water and oil are not miscible since they will stay separated no matter how much you stir it together. 🔊

In order to make buttermilk, the chef must make a miscible substance of milk and vinegar by thoroughly stirring those two things. 🔊

As a science experiment, the scientist made a miscible solution of water and ethanol to see if this combination would cause a reaction. 🔊

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