Misprint in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Misprint

an error in a printed text

Examples of Misprint in a sentence

1. There is a misprint in the very first page of this book, as it misspells at least three words on the first page. 🔉

2. If there is a misprint in a book, it’s usually just a small typo that really doesn’t affect anything important. 🔉

3. I spotted a misprint in this copy of my textbook, as the title on the first page accidentally overlaps with the author’s name below it. 🔉

4. Now that books are printed through high-tech computers and printers, encountering a misprint is much less likely than it used to be. 🔉

5. It would be mildly embarrassing for a bestselling novel to have a serious misprint somewhere in its pages. 🔉

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