Nastiness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nastiness

quality of being gross, dirty, and generally unpleasant

Examples of Nastiness in a sentence

The nastiness of the cheap hotel room was evidenced by the rat droppings, bed bugs, and filthy carpet. 🔊

The nastiness of her little brother’s dirty room always made her feel nauseous, especially the rotting food wrappers and smelly socks. 🔊

Customers spoke to the manager about their waitress’s nastiness after she made several rude comments about them. 🔊

The doctor cringed at the nastiness of the infection but cleaned the wound thoroughly and prescribed strong antibiotics. 🔊

Jane could not believe the nastiness of the opposing soccer team as they not only spit all over the field but shouted insults and threatened injury. 🔊

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