Nutjob in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nutjob

a person who displays irrational or idiotic behaviors

Examples of Nutjob in a sentence

As the nutjob was spouting gibberish to himself as he walked down the street, many pedestrians avoided him as much as possible. 🔊

Even though the divorce was final, the ex-wife would torment and stalk her ex-husband leading to this nutjob’s arrest. 🔊

After the customer started cursing and throwing his fists at the cashier for accidentally receiving the wrong order, the manager decided to call the police on this nutjob. 🔊

“That lady,” the woman stated as she pointed to her neighbor’s house, “is the only nutjob in the world who would live with over 100 cats in her home.” 🔊

Every family has a nutjob for a family member who never brushes their hair and says crazy things to people. 🔊

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