Zealot in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Zealot

one who is uncompromising and fanatical in pursuit of his ideals

Examples of Zealot in a sentence

The religious zealot was willing to break the law to follow his prophet’s orders.  🔊

When the zealot wrote his memoir, he wrote that he fought all of his wars for his god.  🔊

The security camera caught the health zealot vandalizing the soft drink manufacturer’s office.  🔊

When the fitness zealot learned a tobacco shop was moving next door to his gym, he decided to picket the shop’s corporate office.  🔊

The political zealot walked over a thousand miles to get people to sign his petition.  🔊

Because the zealot was unhappy with the government’s policies, he threatened to blow up the capitol building.  🔊

While Jacob was once a skeptic of the religion, he is now a zealot who divorced his wife so he could be reborn in the church.  🔊

Some people call Peter a zealot because of the lengths he goes to in order to keep technology out of his home.  🔊

During the middle of the night, a pro-life zealot bombed the abortion clinic and killed two nurses who were working late.  🔊

The cult leader was a zealot who killed anyone who dared to question his principles.  🔊

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