Painstaking in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Painstaking

performed with a great deal of attention

Examples of Painstaking in a sentence

Even though the rebuilding of the old farmhouse was going to be a painstaking job, I could not wait to begin work on my new home.  🔊

The manuscript was so poorly written that editing it was a painstaking task that took half a year.  🔊

In his senior year of law school, Jason did over a thousand hours of painstaking research in the library.  🔊

The manager despised the painstaking process of training new employees.  🔊

Since none of Tricia’s coworkers showed up to help clean the huge house, she began the painstaking task alone.  🔊

It took a painstaking investigation to find the men behind the terrorist attacks.  🔊

After nearly a year of painstaking negotiations, the two businesses agreed to a merger.  🔊

The kind doctor provides each of his patients with painstaking care.  🔊

Reviewing the billionaire’s financial records was a painstaking task for one accountant.  🔊

How many painstaking experiments were necessary to verify the safety of this new medication?  🔊

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