Impecunious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Impecunious

lacking money; penniless

Examples of Impecunious in a sentence

Since Janice grew up in an impecunious household, she knew a great deal about surviving on very little.  🔊

Impecunious students commonly find themselves in debt after overindulging in the use of credit cards.  🔊

Although Tom and Janice are an impecunious couple who earn very little, they always manage to take a short vacation during the summer.  🔊

Plans are being developed to help the impecunious people in the city who are without housing.  🔊

While the king claimed to be a man of the people, he seemed to have no problem wasting money while his impecunious subjects starved to death.  🔊

Can you believe the wealthy woman married the impecunious trash collector?  🔊

Even though the singer earned millions of dollars during her heyday, she was impecunious and homeless when she died.  🔊

Although Vincent died an impecunious artist without a penny to his name, his paintings are now highly valued by art collectors.  🔊

The impecunious immigrant came to America to earn money to send home to his starving family.  🔊

Because impecunious people will often do anything for money, many of them often ignore the high interest rates attached to easy loans.  🔊

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