Upbraid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Upbraid

to harshly criticize

Examples of Upbraid in a sentence

Without a doubt, my parents are going to upbraid me for not passing any of my classes this semester.  🔊

Jim will often upbraid his wife for spending too much money at the mall.  🔊

Since Chad has already appeared in court twice for the same offense, he is expecting the judge to upbraid him before giving out a lengthy sentence.  🔊

The police officer did not hesitate to upbraid the man for driving without insurance.  🔊

Because my daughter had already wrecked her car, I did not upbraid her for driving recklessly.  🔊

Our fussy supervisor has a quick temper and will upbraid us about the smallest of things.  🔊

When Jack failed to meet his sales quota, he knew his boss was going to upbraid him about his lack of effort.  🔊

As long as I have a mother-in-law to point out my flaws, I never have to upbraid myself.  🔊

Ginger is afraid of her husband so she will only upbraid his faults when he is not present.  🔊

As soon as the doctor arrives, he is going to upbraid the nurse for not taking proper care of the patient.  🔊

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