Palisade in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Palisade

posts usually made out of wood that form a fenced-in area

Examples of Palisade in a sentence

As news of the Union troops marching closer to their town, the citizens built a palisade around their houses in order to defend themselves if troops attacked. 🔊

During the battle at the fort, the soldiers found an opening in the palisade to shoot at their enemies. 🔊

When the wooden support came loose from the palisade, the carpenter drove another stake in its place. 🔊

Touring the fort in the historical city provided a way for the tourists to be sheltered from the outside world by the palisade around it. 🔊

Once the fort came into sight, the retreating soldiers entered and the attacking enemies were blinded by the palisade surrounding the fort. 🔊

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