Parabola in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Parabola

the kind of curve or arc that is created when an item is tossed upwards and lands in a different location

Examples of Parabola in a sentence

The curve of a parabola is created by the path an object takes when it ascends and then comes down in a different place. 🔊

While the parabola may extend upward or downward, each figure is loosely u-shaped. 🔊

As John fired his gun straight up in the air, he realized the bullet’s path would arch and take the form of a parabola. 🔊

Newton’s laws of physics explain why an item thrown up in the air travels in the shape of a curve or a parabola. 🔊

Gravity is the force that causes a tossed item to travel in a u-shaped path known as a parabola. 🔊

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