Pasteurization in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pasteurization

a purification process which uses heat to kill bacteria and germs

Examples of Pasteurization in a sentence

Milk is required to go through a pasteurization procedure so that it is fit to drink without getting sick.  🔊

To make sure the water was safe to drink, the charity organization knew the poor village needed a pasteurization process for the river water.  🔊

First the milk would need to undergo a pasteurization system to have clean milk, and then it will need to be homogenized so that the parts of the milk will be mixed together.  🔊

Throughout the years, pasteurization equipment has become computerized by determining the bacteria that is present in the liquid.  🔊

Pasteurization temperatures for milk, juice, wine and water may be different since they are composed of various elements.  🔊

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