Per se in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Per se

by itself or as such

Examples of Per se in a sentence

“I have completed the report per se,” the employee showed his own report told his boss, “and had to stay up all night to complete it.” 🔊

Even though their son is not the only student struggling in math class per se, the other students did not matter to his parents. 🔊

“Eating chocolate ice cream per se isn’t terribly unhealthy,” the nutritionist told her overweight client, “but you have diabetes.” 🔊

It wasn’t Kevin’s fault for hitting the dog with his car per se because the dog’s owner left the gate open for the dog to run free. 🔊

“If homework does not get done on a regular basis per se, you will most likely make a bad grade,” the teacher warned. 🔊

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