Embryonic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Embryonic

referring to a system or idea that has potential for significant development

Examples of Embryonic in a sentence

Our company is still in its embryonic stage, having just started and having a lot of room to grow and expand.  🔊

I have an idea for a book, but it is still in its embryonic stage and I need to put a lot more thought into it before it is ready.  🔊

An embryonic idea is one that you just came up with that still needs to develop a little more before it is ready to be used.  🔊

The idea of freedom and justice for all was still embryonic during the American Revolution, and it would be many years before that idea grew to maturity.  🔊

Our relationship is still embryonic since we have just met, but I am sure that it will grow into a great friendship in time.  🔊

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