Petite in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Petite

comparatively little or tiny

Examples of Petite in a sentence

As the petite woman walked into the basement with the low ceiling, she certainly didn’t have to duck like everyone else.  🔊

Since there wasn’t as much food on the piece of meat, the petite steak would cost significantly less than the porterhouse or the rib-eye.  🔊

Accidentally trying on the petite pants at the store, the cuffs of the bottom of the full-length pants only reached my mid-shin.  🔊

Since the petite house only had fewer than 400 square feet, my family of four would not fit comfortably in there.  🔊

Even though the Chihuahua could barely be seen due to stature, her loud bark did not match her petite size.  🔊

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