Premonition in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Premonition

an intense feeling something is about to occur, generally a negative event

Examples of Premonition in a sentence

Before the accident, Sang mentioned he had a premonition something bad was going to happen on the road trip. 🔊

Everyone laughed at the leader’s premonition of his death until he was murdered. 🔊

Although I had a dream of death that I took as a premonition, nobody I know has died yet. 🔊

The investor sold all of his stocks after having a premonition about the market crashing. 🔊

When my mother had a premonition about a plane crash, she begged me not to fly home. 🔊

I would never pay a psychic to hear her premonition about my future. 🔊

As I drove past the train crash, I was glad I had not ignored my premonition about an overturned train. 🔊

My grandmother’s premonition of disaster caused her to stay secluded in her house for a month. 🔊

In the film, the wife did everything she could to make sure her premonition about her husband’s death did not come true. 🔊

Mary did not want her son to join the military because of the premonition she had about him dying in battle. 🔊

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