Put Off in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Put Off

an undesirable or unpleasant feature of something

Examples of Put Off in a sentence

1. Most people like to go to the movie theater, but loud and obnoxious audiences can often be a major put off for them. 🔉

2. I usually enjoy watching football, but if I don’t personally care about the teams playing it’s just a put off and I’d rather watch something else. 🔉

3. Normally I love playing with my friends’ pets, but cats are a put off for me and I try to avoid them if I can. 🔉

4. I was enjoying the movie for the first hour, but the dark mood of the second half was a put off for me. 🔉

5. Under normal circumstances I would have considered buying the car I wanted from the dealership, but its ugly color was an important put off for me. 🔉

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