Retell in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Retell

to tell a story that has already been told

Examples of Retell in a sentence

A huge number of Disney movies have existed just to retell an originally dark and troubling fairytale in a more kid friendly way. 🔊

My Grandpa will retell his tales of the Vietnam War whenever we visit him, but the small details of his story change every time. 🔊

Many people will retell the same joke a dozen times, not realizing that it was only funny the first time no matter how they spin it. 🔊

I haven’t done too many exciting things in my life, so I’m often forced to retell the one cool thing I’ve done at every party to anyone that will listen.  🔊

The more often you retell a lie, the more comfortable and confident you become in repeating it.  🔊

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