Quilt in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Quilt

a blanket made by sewing fabric squares or pieces together usually in a pattern

Examples of Quilt in a sentence

When I unfolded my grandmother’s hand-sewn quilt, I could see different shapes coming together in a specific design.  🔊

By laying the quilt on the bed, you could still see several shapes stitched together to create the part of a star.  🔊

Using the colorful quilt as a blanket, the young woman noticed the person who made it had been careful to hand-stitch each piece together.  🔊

A patchwork quilt may look like it was quickly sewn together without much thought put into it, but it is actually a well-thought out arrangement.  🔊

To determine if the quilt was sewn by a machine or by hand, the expert turned a square over and noticed the perfect stitching.  🔊

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