Renege in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Renege

to not fulfill a promise

Examples of Renege in a sentence

Although my father made a promise to extend my curfew, he later decided to renege upon his word and ordered me home by eleven. 🔊

The property buyers will be sued if they renege on the terms of the contract. 🔊

If Harriet is going to renege on her responsibility, she should let us know now so we can find another sitter before it gets too late. 🔊

The kind manager did everything he could to ensure he would not renege on the promises he made to his employees. 🔊

Because Jack chose to renege on his pledge to buy a present for a needy child, the charity was unable to give one young person a gift. 🔊

I went to another car dealer after the salesman tried to renege on the low price he initially offered me. 🔊

Even though John had plenty of money, he chose to renege on his car loan so the lender would reclaim the vehicle. 🔊

Many people lost their homes when the local bank decided to renege on its late payment extension program. 🔊

If the witness chooses to renege on her deal to testify against the defendant, she will be put in jail for her crimes. 🔊

My husband and I had to renege on our job offer after the prospective nanny failed her drug test. 🔊

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