Recant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Recant

to retract a public statement

Examples of Recant in a sentence

After being convicted of perjury, the witness had to recant her remarks against the defendant.  🔊

The judge ordered the magazine to recant the false statements it made about the actress.  🔊

If my best friend does not recant the accusation she made about me, then she and I will no longer be friends.  🔊

The brutal dictator will behead any rebels who refuse to recant their criticisms of his rule.  🔊

Because we knew the man was the killer, we were shocked when he decided to recant his confession.  🔊

A true follower will never recant his religious beliefs.  🔊

Rather than be considered crazy, Richard decided to recant his statement of an alien abduction.  🔊

The newspaper editor will be sued if he does not recant his editorial piece on the singer.  🔊

When the church elders called the young parishioner into their office, they commanded him to recant his testimony that claimed God was not real.  🔊

Sheila can avoid a lawsuit if she is willing to recant her malpractice allegation against her physician.  🔊

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