Repatriation in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Repatriation

to return to ones country after a period of being gone, usually as a result of war or seeking asylum. applies to people, artifacts, and money

Examples of Repatriation in a sentence

After WWII, prisoners in labor camps waited eagerly for repatriation to their home countries where they could be united with surviving family members. 🔊

Organizations like the United Nations spend millions of dollars on the repatriation of refugees so they are able to return to the home countries after war. 🔊

After war-torn countries are deemed safe, those who sought asylum are given transportation and funds by the government for repatriation to their home country. 🔊

During WWII, a number of priceless artifacts were stolen from devastated countries but thanks to repatriation, they were returned many years later to their country of origin.  🔊

After 30 years living in France, Patrick’s repatriation back to his birth country of Ireland was quite a shock to his family.  🔊

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