Adventitious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Adventitious

not natural; foreign

Examples of Adventitious in a sentence

The weird-looking plant is adventitious and not native to this country.  🔊

While the band was not popular in its native country, it did find adventitious celebrity in other countries.  🔊

The marine biologist classified the fish as adventitious because it is not normally found in bodies of saltwater.  🔊

During the surgery, the doctor removed an adventitious particle that did not belong inside of the patient’s body.  🔊

The adventitious skyscraper stood out amongst the town’s historical buildings.  🔊

When the doctor heard adventitious sounds coming from the patient’s chest, he ordered a number of lab tests.  🔊

Janice was detained at the airport when the x-ray scanner picked up adventitious materials on her body.  🔊

As soon as Gail saw the adventitious man at her wedding, she knew a stranger had crashed her special day.  🔊

It was easy for the nuns to recognize the adventitious student, the sole boy in the all-girls school.  🔊

Since the adventitious plant normally grows in the desert, I have no idea how it sprung up in my moist backyard.  🔊

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