Risky in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Risky

full of danger or potential loss

Examples of Risky in a sentence

It is risky to go sky diving or bungee jumping because the possibility of death still exists if there were to be a malfunction with your equipment.  🔊

Driving on the road is technically very risky, since the potential for a crash is rather high considering how many drivers there are.  🔊

It is risky to procrastinate on doing your homework, because if you forget you will have no time to finish it before it is due.  🔊

I find it overly risky to play the lottery because the chances of winning are miniscule compared to how much I am paying.  🔊

It is risky to not fence in your yard if you have a pet that goes outside, as it could run away or get lost while chasing another animal.  🔊

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