Segue in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Segue

to fluidly change from one form or situation to another

Examples of Segue in a sentence

As the song was coming to an end, it would segue into the next tune without hesitating with silence. 🔊

While speaking about the homeless in the city, the speaker was able to segue to the next topic by providing similarities between the two topics. 🔊

Usually an English teacher will expect their students to segue from one paragraph to another smoothly by using transition words or phrases. 🔊

The dramatic play was able to segue from one act to the other by having the actors dance for the audience while the workers moved the props around on stage. 🔊

The opera singer would segue from the loud part of the opera to the softer part by gradually singing softer and softer. 🔊

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