Separatist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Separatist

of the belief in full separation of a group from a larger whole (usually based on race, religion, culture, or ethnicity.)

Examples of Separatist in a sentence

Separatist forces in the state worked to keep Muslims and Christians in different areas.  🔊

With a separatist attitude, the leader of the church insisted that the Puritans cut ties with the government supporting Catholicism.  🔊

Pursuing separatist ambitions, the general pushed his troops to cede from the union and form their own military.  🔊

Separatist leaders refused to meet with the opposing government leaders who were calling for a truce.  🔊

Unity between the two tribes will never occur unless the separatist attitudes of leaders are replaced with ideals of accord and unison.  🔊

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