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Before you eat oysters, clams, or mussels, always check to be sure that the shells are firmly closed and not even a little bit agape. 🔊

When I first saw the sunset in the Grand Canyon, I could only stand staring with my mouth agape.  🔊

Even though the tornado left us standing agape in the midst of all our ruined possessions, we couldn’t help feeling a huge sense of gratitude that none of us had been hurt. 🔊

I didn’t realize how hurtful my words had been until I saw Sherrie’s expression, agape with shock.  🔊

With its staring, glassy eye and its mouth agape, Penny couldn’t bear to look at the trout on her plate, much less eat it.  🔊

We watched in dread as the toddler, face crimson and mouth agape, geared up for a colossal tantrum.  🔊

Despite the danger, Christopher was rooted to the spot as he watched the rabid dog staggering toward him, his jaws agape and slobbering.  🔊

After everyone jumped and yelled “Surprise,” Candace just stared at everyone, her mouth and eyes agape with astonishment.  🔊

While her friends stood around her looking agape, Mary Ann threw her engagement ring as far as she could into the ocean.  🔊

Dirk asked the taxidermist to pose the bear he had shot with its mouth agape and teeth bared, as if it were roaring.  🔊

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