Slogan in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Slogan

a short noticeable motto for marketing a product or service

Examples of Slogan in a sentence

Once people started to remember the catchy slogan of the company’s popular frozen foods, this product’s sales increased.  🔊

“It’s finger lickin’ good” is the slogan for Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants so that people will think their chicken is so delicious that they will even lick it off their fingers.  🔊

A small business expert suggested at his seminar for potential small business owners to decide on a slogan that would describe their best item in a few appealing words.  🔊

Some products that are not being manufactured anymore are still popular and recognized by the general public based on a slogan that had an attention-getting phrase.  🔊

Even though a logo is important as the image of the company or product, the slogan is the expression that remains in a customer’s mind.  🔊

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