Solipsism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Solipsism

the idea that the only thing we can be truly certain of is our own existence

Examples of Solipsism in a sentence

The philosophy of solipsism dictates that we can only be sure of our own existence, and that everything else may just be a figment of our imagination.  🔊

Those who believe in solipsism may question the reality of everything around them, but they firmly believe in evidence of their own consciousness.  🔊

I personally think that solipsism is a foolish point of view, because whether or not we can prove everything in the world real it at least feels real.  🔊

I am not sure who invented the notion of solipsism, but apparently he thought the only thing he could have unfaltering faith in was his own existence.  🔊

If you believe in solipsism, you are certain of your own existence but are unsure of the existence of everything else.  🔊

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