Staring in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Staring

the act of focusing on someone intently with your gaze

Examples of Staring in a sentence

When I looked up from my worksheet in class, I found that the teacher was staring at me, likely because she did not think I could be done as quickly as I was.  🔊

Young children, with their lack of social tact, are often prone to staring at anything or anyone that catches their interest, though their gaze rarely offends anyone.  🔊

I was staring off into space for a good give minutes before I realized I was daydreaming, and when I came to I realized that I had been looking right at the student across from me at the lunch table the whole time.  🔊

At first I thought my dog was staring at me, but it turns out it was just looking at the food I had in my hand.  🔊

Many people consider it embarrassing to get caught staring at others, especially since any explanation for their actions is usually embarrassing in and of itself.  🔊

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