Stew in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Stew

an assortment of meat, vegetables, and/or stock cooked for a period of time and occasionally placed over a starch

Examples of Stew in a sentence

Bouillabaisse is a traditional French stew made with fish, an assortment of seafood, and broth.  🔊

It is custom for a visitor to be greeted with a hearty bowl of stew after coming inside from a winter storm.  🔊

In Ireland, stew is a diet staple and can be prepared the traditional way: with potatoes and red meat, or unconventional with exotic spices and lentils.  🔊

Every time Julian visited his grandmother, he requested her famous beef stew.  🔊

Making a great stew is a multi-stepped process that requires first braising the meat, then adding stock and vegetables until finally cooking for several hours until everything is tender.  🔊

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