Imbibe in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Imbibe

to drink (used frequently of alcoholic beverages)

Examples of Imbibe in a sentence

Best practice dictates that anyone who intends to imbibe alcoholic beverages should make sure to have dependable transportation to get home. 🔊

Despite being unable to imbibe cocktails with her friends, Mariel probably had the most fun at the wedding reception.  🔊

Every morning, I like to delay the start of the work day, go outside on the terrace, and imbibe large quantities of sunshine and fresh air. 🔊

If I imbibe too much soda, I find that I am troubled with extreme bouts of hiccupping.  🔊

Even though we are told to imbibe plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy, there have been cases where drinking too much water has been fatal for some people.  🔊

When my sisters and I toured California’s Wine Country last year, we hired a limo and driver so that we could imbibe to our hearts’ content.  🔊

A well-planned garden ensures that all plants are located where they can have maximum opportunities to imbibe water, nutrients, and sunshine.  🔊

Parents who allow their underage children to imbibe will be prosecuted In the event of alcohol-related accidents.  🔊

Since you already have a DUI offense on your record, can you really afford to imbibe more than one beer tonight?  🔊

Because David was known to freely imbibe when friends were buying, his invitations to parties dropped drastically.  🔊

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