Swindler in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Swindler

a person who swindles, cheats or defrauds

Examples of Swindler in a sentence

Deemed a swindler, Harry made counterfeit checks and used them around town.  🔊

Considered a swindler for conning people out of their money, the man walked around town in shame.  🔊

After the swindler claimed large amounts of money by providing blatant lies, he was thrown in jail as a penniless man.  🔊

“That man is a swindler,” my mom argued, “because he stopped working when my back was turned and still charged me for the whole time.”  🔊

Aunt Polly and Uncle Andy were humiliated when it was revealed that their honored relative was actually a swindler.  🔊

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