Syndicate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Syndicate

a group that comes together to buy, trade, invest, or negotiate, usually with large amounts of capital or goods on the line

Examples of Syndicate in a sentence

Members of the sports syndicate crafted an elaborate system to keep track of the millions of dollars placed in bets on major NFL games. 🔊

The crime syndicate consisted of all of the major arms dealers in the region and their stakeholders. 🔊

Several investors pooled their money to form a syndicate where they bought stocks and traded to amass millions. 🔊

Large newspaper syndicates buy hundreds of articles and share them among their individual companies. 🔊

During a hostage situation, law enforcement, armed personnel, and family members form a syndicate with the main goal of negotiating with the culprit to release those being held against their will. 🔊

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