Synergistic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Synergistic

helpful to others on the grounds that helping them will also help oneself, particularly with teammates

Examples of Synergistic in a sentence

I prefer to play a synergistic role in the teams I play on, offering assistance to my teammates but not necessarily taking the lead.  🔊

The best kind of team is a synergistic one, in which every member does his best to help the other members succeed as well so they can all win together.  🔊

If you’ve ever been on a team where everyone has only been interested in themselves, you know what it is like to wish for more synergistic teammates.  🔊

A synergistic individual assists the people on his team because he knows he needs their help to succeed just like they need his.  🔊

Some people think it is selfish to be synergistic since you are helping others to also help yourself, but if you ask me it seems like a winning situation for everyone.  🔊

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