Stipulate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Stipulate

to insist upon something as a condition of an agreement

Examples of Stipulate in a sentence

The owners may stipulate a huge deposit as a condition of the purchase agreement. 🔊

Before I agree to close the deal, I must stipulate a few requirements that must be met before I sign on the dotted line.  🔊

The contracts of the baseball players stipulate they must attend all practices and games. 🔊

The software company’s policies stipulate employees must take two fifteen-minute breaks a day.  🔊

When buying clothing, I generally avoid items that stipulate dry cleaning only.  🔊

In our state, there are no laws that stipulate the circumstances under which a tenured teacher may easily be fired.  🔊

Carl’s probation terms stipulate he must adhere to a curfew and report to his probation officer once a week.  🔊

If the contract does not stipulate how often payments should be made, then it is not a valid agreement.  🔊

The rules of the Miss South Pageant stipulate that all entrants must be under the age of twenty-one.  🔊

Although the manager tried to stipulate I work on religious holidays as a condition of employment, he realized I would not abandon my beliefs for a job.  🔊

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