System in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of System

a set of different small parts that work together to create a larger complex whole

Examples of System in a sentence

A country’s transportation system is made up of many small parts, including roads, ports, railways, and airports. 🔊

Your computer is a system, only able to perform the tasks we expect of it because it has many small parts working together within it. 🔊

A sports team is technically a system, comprised of many individual players that all work together to create a team that can perform complex maneuvers. 🔊

A democratic government is an example of a system, in which there are many branches of government that work together to make a more complex and efficient whole.  🔊

Human society is one of the most complex systems in existence, with hundreds, if not thousands of small professions and parts working together to create it.  🔊

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