Stanch in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Stanch

to stop the flow of blood from a wound

Examples of Stanch in a sentence

Having already used all of his medical supplies treating other soldiers, the medic had no choice but to try and stanch the bleeding of his next victim with his bare hands.  🔊

If you ever find yourself bleeding profusely from some sort of wound, always attempt to stanch the bleeding by putting pressure on it.  🔊

A tourniquet is designed to stanch bleeding from wounded limbs by cutting off the flow of blood from the heart to that limb.  🔊

After cutting my finger open on a sharp knife, my only option to stanch the blood was to squeeze on the injured digit with my other hand.  🔊

It is important to stanch bleeding from serious wounds as quickly as possible, as extreme blood loss is the deadliest aspect of the injury.  🔊

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