Tannery in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tannery

a place that makes leather from animal skins

Examples of Tannery in a sentence

During colonial times, many hunters would sell their captures to a tannery so that the tanner could take them and turn them into coats and outerwear.  🔊

The process in the tannery required the apprentice to first clean the hides by removing all dirt, hair and debris as much as possible.  🔊

Soaking the horse pelts at the tannery loosened up the fur from the skin so that the tanner could eventually make it into a buckskin.  🔊

Instead of taking the animal skin to the tannery, the local hunter decided to make it into a rawhide leather.  🔊

A strong chemical smell could always be detected once you entered the tannery due to all the chemicals they used to turn the furs and pelts into leather.  🔊

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