Testosterone in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Testosterone

a hormone that stimulates the growth of male sexual characteristics

Examples of Testosterone in a sentence

Testosterone is the hormone that makes boys’ voices deeper as they go through puberty, and without it their voice would remain high pitched.  🔊

Without testosterone a male’s body would never develop to full maturity, so it’s important to ensure that the hormone is produced at required levels.  🔊

The reason males have much more hair on their bodies than females is because of the testosterone in their bodies that promote hair growth.  🔊

If a male is lacking in testosterone production their body will not develop as much hair or muscle mass, and their voice will not deepen as much as everyone else.  🔊

Testosterone is secreted in the testes and controls the growth of sexual functions in the male body, such as hair growth and sexual drive.  🔊

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