Invigorate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Invigorate

energize or give life

Examples of Invigorate in a sentence

Hopefully the energy drink will invigorate me so I can work all night on my paper. 🔊

Management is hoping a supply of free snacks and beverages will invigorate the employees in the afternoon. 🔊

By issuing a stimulus check to all taxpayers, the government hopes to invigorate the economy. 🔊

The hot shower will invigorate me. 🔊

As soon as the water hits the roots of the dehydrated plant, it will invigorate it. 🔊

John knew his workout would invigorate him so he could start his day with a positive attitude. 🔊

During the holiday break, teachers will work on a program to invigorate students during national test week. 🔊

The pay raise that accompanies my job promotion is going to invigorate my personal spending. 🔊

When the new manufacturing plant comes to our town, it is sure to invigorate the local economy. 🔊

The principal hoped to invigorate her staff by giving them spa coupons to use over the weekend. 🔊

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