Tinker in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tinker

to try to fix something

Examples of Tinker in a sentence

Every now and then my father would go to the basement to tinker with a gadget, but he rarely got anything repaired.  🔊

Many classic car owners will tinker with their prized possessions so that it will look like new.  🔊

After a few hours, my handyman began to tinker with the oven in hopes of getting it to work properly.  🔊

“Please call a professional to repair the hot water heater,” the wife complained to her husband, “because it still doesn’t work after you decided to tinker with it.”  🔊

After months of spending hours on the faulty clock, the customer was getting tired of waiting for the repairman to finish trying to tinker with it.  🔊

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