Tipsy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tipsy

just slightly drunk

Examples of Tipsy in a sentence

Because my wife has a low tolerance for alcohol, she gets a little tipsy after just one glass of wine.  🔊

People that do not have a high tolerance for alcohol are more likely to get a little tipsy if they go to a bar to drink.  🔊

When you are required to perform a sobriety test by the police, you will find that you are in trouble even if you are only a little tipsy and not completely wasted.  🔊

People who are tipsy from drinking alcohol usually retain some decent control over themselves, but they will still act quite strange compared to their normal personality.  🔊

If you come into work even a little tipsy, you may be fired for being drunk on the job, even if you are not fully intoxicated.  🔊

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