Dilatory in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dilatory

intended to cause delay

Examples of Dilatory in a sentence

Unhappy with her job, the secretary performed every task at a dilatory speed.  🔊

Because I was running late to the meeting, I asked my assistant to behave in a dilatory manner so I would have time to arrive.  🔊

My father used a dilatory strategy to keep me out of the house while my mother arranged my surprise birthday party.  🔊

Although my husband tried to give me a bunch of dilatory errands to keep me away from the house, I still arrived home in time to catch him with his girlfriend.  🔊

The concert hall used a dilatory maze to prevent overcrowding at the main entrance.  🔊

Could it be that the post office staff deliberately works at a dilatory pace to make all the customers crazy?  🔊

His plan for the robbery included using a car crash as a dilatory maneuver to slow down the police.  🔊

Even though the politician used dilatory answers during the interview, he eventually had to make direct responses to the questions.  🔊

Because the lawyer filed so many dilatory motions, the trial did not start until two years after the crime was committed.  🔊

My daughter used dilatory tactics to stay up past her bedtime.  🔊

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