Toast in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Toast

to cook food by exposing it to radiant heat rather than a direct source

Examples of Toast in a sentence

You burn a marshmallow when you put in it the fire, but you toast it when you let the heat from the fire cook it for you.  🔊

You toast a piece of bread by letting the radiant heat of your toaster over cook it, not by exposing it directly to a fire.  🔊

There are many ways to cook food, but if you want to toast something you must expose it to radiant heat and not the direct source of that heat.  🔊

Maria decided to toast some marshmallows by holding them over the bonfire we had made at the camp.  🔊

I like to toast bread in the toaster oven, but my mother uses it to toast cheese as well from time to time.  🔊

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