Trespass in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trespass

to enter someone else's property illegally

Examples of Trespass in a sentence

Hoping no one would see him trespass, the hunter ignored the sign and headed in to the woods.  🔊

Although she realized it was a crime, the girl made it a habit to trespass through the abandoned building when she was bored.  🔊

Finding a way to trespass through the farmer’s rickety, wooden fence, the fox knew that dinner would come sooner than later.  🔊

With her picket sign in hand, the protester decided to trespass on the plant’s property was the only way to draw attention to the cause.  🔊

Looking at the shattered window, the antique owner conceded that catching those who continued to trespass was now a priority.  🔊

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