Trophic Level in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trophic Level

the living things that are on the same level in the food chain

Examples of Trophic Level in a sentence

Since these two animals were located in the same trophic level, witnesses realized that they were both herbivores. 🔊

Due to the bear being in a different trophic level, the smaller animal should have been afraid of being eaten. 🔊

On the food pyramid depicting each trophic level, the worksheet showed the animals and plants that were producers, consumers and decomposers. 🔊

In order to differentiate between the types of animals and the way they gain energy, each trophic level was created to depict this. 🔊

Once the scientist consulted the trophic level, it was determined that the unknown animal was a consumer based on characteristics of similar animals located in the same level. 🔊

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