Usurp in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Usurp

to take over; to seize or use something without authority

Examples of Usurp in a sentence

Since Lisa could not attend the dance, Marie had plans to usurp the title of homecoming queen. 🔊

After the king dies, his brother will usurp the throne from the prince. 🔊

While the dictator had no legal power, he felt it was his right to usurp the government’s position. 🔊

The president does not usurp his position because he is elected by the people. 🔊

You must be crazy with this attempt to usurp the ship’s captain! 🔊

If it is necessary, the government has the right to usurp your land. 🔊

Is your ambition driving you to usurp your boss? 🔊

Since no one knew his twin brother was dead, Roger had no problem when he tried to usurp his brother’s extravagant lifestyle. 🔊

The adorable pony will usurp you of all your carrots if you stand too close to him. 🔊

Because she was evil, the stepmother attempted to completely usurp the role of the children's mother. 🔊

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