Vaguely in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vaguely

not being clear

Examples of Vaguely in a sentence

Because Amy was heavily sedated, she only vaguely remembered her hospital stay.  🔊

Since Kurt has only used the software program once, he is only vaguely familiar with it.  🔊

Although Elaine spent a long time on her Halloween costume, she only vaguely resembled a zombie.  🔊

It will be difficult for you to get a loan with such a vaguely worded business proposal.  🔊

According to anti-government groups, most people are only vaguely aware of government scrutiny.  🔊

The politician was known for his habit of vaguely responding to the media’s questions.  🔊

Unfortunately when the author’s biography was made into a movie, the finished film only vaguely resembled the writer’s life.  🔊

I knew my daughter had not gone to the seminar because she could not even vaguely describe the event.  🔊

Through the fog, Heather thought she vaguely saw a rescue ship approaching.  🔊

Now that Frank is in his nineties he can only vaguely remember his teen years.  🔊

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